Oswin Jerome

My Journey in Tech: From Passion to Proficiency

Hello, I'm Oswin Jerome, and this is the story of my journey in the world of technology. It all began when I was in the 11th standard, back in 2014. My fascination with coding sparked a relentless drive to learn and create. I embarked on this journey by teaching myself Java, PHP, SQL, and Android Studio. Those early days were filled with the excitement of building my first apps and the joy of seeing them come to life.

The College Years: Deepening My Knowledge

After graduating from school, I decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Application. College was an incredible opportunity to dive deeper into the concepts of coding and problem-solving. I honed my skills through rigorous practice and academic projects, and my efforts paid off in the form of numerous prizes in debugging and app development competitions.

Professional Experience: Joining Cognizant

Upon completing my Bachelor's degree, I joined Cognizant as a programmer. During my 1 year and 7 months at Cognizant, I worked on various projects, gaining hands-on experience and refining my technical skills. However, a long-standing dream was calling—I wanted to pursue a Master's degree. So, I made the bold decision to leave my job and chase that dream.

Master’s Degree and Freelancing: Expanding My Horizons

During my Master's studies, I continued to expand my technical repertoire. I took on freelance projects in cutting-edge technologies like NextJS, Laravel, React, Flutter, and Node. Each project was a new learning experience, and I enjoyed the challenge of adapting to different technologies and solving unique problems.

Exploring IoT: Automating My Space

During my Master's, I also developed a keen interest in IoT. As a true tech enthusiast, I automated my entire room, from lights and fans to dynamic lighting on my computer table. This hands-on project not only enhanced my living space but also deepened my understanding of IoT systems.

Building My Own Server: Learning About Networks

To further my technical skills, I set up a work server at home, hosting various apps and websites. This experience taught me a lot about server management and network configurations. Running my own servers has been an invaluable learning opportunity, providing me with practical knowledge that extends beyond software development.

Teaching and Mentoring: Sharing the Knowledge

As I progressed in my Master's program, I discovered a new passion—teaching. I started conducting seminars and workshops, helping students learn coding and understand complex technical concepts. It was incredibly rewarding to see others grow and succeed, and it reinforced my belief in the power of knowledge sharing.

Looking Forward: The Road Ahead

My journey has been a blend of continuous learning, hands-on experience, and a passion for technology. From self-learning in high school to working at Cognizant, from freelancing to teaching, each phase has contributed to my growth as a proficient developer. I see myself as a lifelong learner, always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities in the tech world.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it inspires you to follow your passion, keep learning, and never stop dreaming.